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Readers spent 6.7

Readers spent 6.7 million minutes reading the live updates. That looks like a typo. It not. As for illness, you can scrub your hands until they are raw, apply liberal doses of anti bacterial goop and decline to eat anything with a face, but avoiding “Delhi belly” is still a matter of luck. The cap […]

I’m not going to

I’m not going to say that wanting to travel is a new thing for me, but only because I’m a liar and I want to pretend that I was a much cooler kid than I was. The truth is that when I was in elementary school my parents decided that we should go to Mexico […]

In recent weeks,

In recent weeks, the City Council has allocated funds for new programs and added personnel in the Fire, Marine Safety and Police Departments. The city will pay almost $1 million to Intergraph Corp. For a new computer aided dispatch and records management system to be used by all the public safety departments. When we arrived […]

Gas prices could

Gas prices could edge higher, but we’re not headed back to $1.40 or more a litre any time soon. Sales of pickup trucks are booming, but that’s the wrong way to capitalize on low gas prices unless you need the vehicle for work. Prices over the period of time you own a truck bought in […]

At eve the restaurant

At eve the restaurant. After about 15 minutes, two trays of appetizers came out of the kitchen. We sampled some delicious shrimp bruschetta topped with Parmesan and tamarind chili lime chicken wings. Barnett created at least 10 of the explosive devices, disguised in food item packaging, which he delivered to the confidential source last Thursday, […]