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You can make

You can make simple and easy yet charming magnets using flat backed glass marbles, such as those commonly used in vases and other home decorating items. Trace the marbles around some geocaching related pictures such as geocaching clipart (check out this library of geocaching related images). Cut out the pictures and glue them to the […]

Je vis en Chine o il

The council first took action this year to increase alcohol regulations in May, when it approved a sweeping law that imposed a citywide ban on several popular alcohol products. The forbidden potions included single serve beers such as tall cans or “forties” cheap fortified wines, and half pints of strong liquor. San Bernardino officials have […]

Cappelli disagrees

Haul all the plywood to the basement or garage and line it up on end. If it cabinet grade plywood, it already sanded. But sand it anyway if it makes you feel better. We already recruited more members than we did last year. We seeing a lot of younger veterans rising up to key positions. […]